About The Whiskey Narrative

Welcome to The Whiskey Narrative!

My Name is R. Ryan Reed.  UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1270I have been in the bourbon and whiskey game since 2013. I wish I had joined the club much earlier than that. The mid-2000’s would have been a dream. Whiskey had quickly became a passion of mine that I enjoyed sharing with others frequently. I have been looking for an outlet to be more of a part of the whiskey/bourbon community the past several years. I started a whiskey reference website Whiskey Tracker two years ago as a way to bring together all the bar and tavern whiskey lists to one site. I learned a lot from building that website and truly enjoyed working on it. Ultimately with my limited abilities it did not become what I had envisioned and I have since closed the site. Ending that visual outlet has brought me to channel this creative energy into a whiskey blog.  Whiskey narratives are engrained in the industry as a whole. We all love a good story whether true or mostly true that details the history of a brand or product. Whiskey history spans the globe and includes many regions. I am very much excited to learn and share in this wonderful world of whiskey with you.


I hope you will join me now and into the future.

Drink well friends!

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